17 September 2014

Green Little Fingers

When I saw the new campaign by a leading UK supermarket I felt like jumping for joy...no it wasn't a free supermarket trolley dash (though I have always wanted to do that!)...it was because of a topic very close to my heart. Something beneficial to help the future of our next generation understand more about food and nutrition. A way for families to develop their 'green fingers' together.

Things have changed remarkably in the last 10 years, I remember when I was at school, many years ago and vegetables and salad weren't even an option...factory made doughnuts, toxic blue fizzy drinks and every monosodium glutamate flavoured crisps you could think of ruled the canteens. 

Thanks to pioneers such as Jamie Oliver, awareness surrounding children's health has taken off and each day more and more emphasis is being placed on freshly prepared foods containing the good stuff...fresh fruit and vegetables. This is not to say the battle is over, the continued awareness, campaigns and education through schools, blogs and media help to create a fresh start for all children. I believe they deserve it.

Below are links to a great campaign, encouraging children to develop their green fingers, get into the garden or create a window box...educating them where food really comes from, creating a strong and healthy foundation in life. 

What would you like to see? 

A child thinking food comes from a plastic packet, that food needs to come in fluorescent colours and cooking is popping something in the microwave...


A child growing up with nutritional awareness, confidence in the kitchen and passion for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Lets help spread the word together...