30 March 2012

Dips Dips Dips!

Vegetable sticks and dips!

Children are growing FAST and one of the things they need as well as fresh fruit and vegetables is a constant source of excellent quality protein. So why not combine the two and make some of the delicious pates (see recipe section on this blog) to go with some fresh vegetables cut into sticks?

For example carrot sticks and hummous or cucumber sticks and Tofu and walnut pate? All great for growing children.

More pates will be added shortly...

29 March 2012

Get Them Growing!

One way to increase your children's interest in fruit and vegetables is to get them involved in the growing process. You can start of with something simple and easy such as such alfalfa sprouts. 

You can buy growing kits from health food shops, online and other stores or simply use an empty jam jar with some moist tissue sprinkled with some alfalfa seeds (these are available from gardens centres or health food shops). Water twice a day and you'll be amazed how quickly the sprouts grow. Your children will love seeing the progress each day and they can easily help with the watering.

Knowing that they helped with the growing process will increase the likelihood of them wanting to try the food

Alfalfa sprouts are known to contain all vitamins (even B12!) as well as calcium, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sodium and zinc - perfect for growing children!

If your children still are apprehensive at first, then try introducing a few alfalfa sprouts into their sandwiches. If they are well recieved you can then experiment and add them to salads, or on soups as a garnish (see previous blog post) or even juicing some sprouts along with your children's favourite fruit.

Do let me know how you get on :)

PS/If you haven't done so already please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the welcome page. As with all raw fruit and vegetables there can be bacteria present so be sure to wash thoroughly before eating and only ever eat when very fresh.

28 March 2012

Top Tip of the Day

Struggling to get your children to eat their nutritious veggie soup? Why not add a little bit of fun to it with some alfalfa sprouts and seeds in a shape of a smiley face. Guaranteed to put a smile on any ones face :)


Such a beautiful day it is outside! Perfect lighting for the photographs that I am taking of the recipes. I currently have bunches of carrots, wooden chopping boards and bowls of hummous decorating the balcony - who knows what the neighbours think! They are looking good and I cant wait to share them with you all...

25 March 2012

Alphabet Soup

Check out the recipe section in this blog for a delicious recipe by Montse Bradford. What a great way to learn the alphabet and enjoy lots of wonderful vegetables at the same time!

23 March 2012


Recipes and tips will be added shortly….watch this space!


As the saying goes...children are our future.

They are such bright, intelligent little beings starting out a new life, on this at times, a demanding and confusing planet. Therefore I believe excellent health is essential for all.

I started this blog for a place to share ideas, tips etc to help us to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables. To do so in a fun way but also not forgetting to explain to children why fruit and vegetables are so important. They are a lot smarter and open to learning about health than we give them credit for sometimes.

If you have any tips or ideas that you wish to share please join in the fun…

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

With love,

Emma Bradford

Disclaimer: This blog contains thoughts and opinions expressed by myself, other individuals along with links to other websites. Please use your own discernment related to all material and always seek advice from a health care professional.