4 February 2014


I recently tried Arepas for the first time whilst attending a friends birthday party. So delicious and what a great idea! 

Arepas are maize patties, originating from Venezuela and Colombia. Traditionally made from pre-cooked white maize flour which is mixed with water and a pinch of salt and then baked or pan fried until golden. Normally quite thick, almost similar to an English Crumpet in size and sliced halfway down the middle like pita bread so to place the filling inside.

Whilst maize doesn't have much nutritional value, they make a great alternative for those kids who are gluten intolerant as an occasional snack. The filling is where you can place all the goodness. 

Cheese is used quite a lot in traditional Arepa fillings however as you know my blog is dairy free. You see the previous post The White Stuff for details. 

Here are some alternative Arepa fillings...

  • Stir fried vegetables with braised tofu
  • Stir fried vegetables with prawns
  • Caramelised onions with pan fried Tempeh 
  • Avocado and smoked salmon
  • Tuna pate, grated carrot and avocado
  • Aduki bean pate with lettuce and gherkins 
  • Hummus with lettuce and alfalfa sprouts

Basically any sandwich filling can be used for Arepas as well as hot versions such as the stir fried veg above. Experiment including different proteins and vegetables. Allowing kids to fill their own Arepas providing a mix of nutritious pates and proteins along with salad leaves and vegetables at the table is another great way to get them involved with food.