29 January 2014

New Beginings

Happy New Year! 

How are those healthy eating resolutions coming along? 

Sometimes at this time of year motivation for doing new years resolutions can start to wear off, the initial novelty can fade once we get back into the day to day routine of school and work. 

We may set new healthy eating goals to loose weight and improve our health as well as our families after Christmas. We may also want to give our children nutritious foods so that they can grow strong and healthy with focus whilst they study at school. 

Anything is easier when we come together as a family, helping each other through the transition. Become role models for children helping them to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as improving the rest of the families diets at the same time. We cant expect to feed children more broccoli if we avoid it ourselves. 

Achieving goals is something I work with a lot in NLP coaching, helping others to achieve to achieve their desired outcomes. You can find a free download of Self Motivation tips on my therapy website here

  • What will you and your children gain by eating healthily? 
  • What will you and your children loose by eating more fruits and vegetables? 
  • What do you and your children gain by continuing the same way? 
  • What do you and your children loose by not improving eating habits?