27 November 2014

Adding Whole Lotta' Love...

There is one hugely overlooked yet fundamental ingredient when preparing delicious and nutritious food for our family. 

We can buy the best ingredients, read the labels and be careful about what foods children consume...however our energy, our emotional well being and thoughts whilst we prepare these foods for others can have an affect.  

Children are very in tune with their surroundings...just as animals are too. I remember many times seeing my cat running around the house at full speed whenever we packed up to go on holiday...the change in energy, the excitement that we had internally was being reflected in his behaviour. Just as whenever if was someones birthday or somebody was upset...he would be sensitive to this a respond accordingly.

It has been well documented that babies can young children can pick up on distress from the parents...if we prepare meals with anger, hatred and stress...not only might we not be fully present to cook the meal with care and may burn something or leave out seasonings...we can also transfer that energy to the food. 

By cooking with LOVE and feeling gratitude for the wonderful meal ahead we can create a remarkable difference. Not only can the meal taste better, it can help to improve absorption and energy levels of those consuming it (provided their own thoughts and feelings as they eat don't counteract this). 

Yes we are what we eat...however this phrase can be understood at a much deeper level. As Quantum Physicists have proved over and over again for many years...everything is made of of energy, every cell, particle, atom, being, object, liquid, gas is all energy. And our thoughts, emotions and intention can have an affect. Just as Masaru Emoto has shown in his many water studies. 

Next month we will have the opportunity to carry out a few home experiments that children can get involved in...helping them to understand the importance of good food and also the positive influence we can have. 

In the meantime I invite you to bring in even more LOVE to the kitchen when you prepare meals...notice what happens and whether your children notice any difference. 

Enjoy! :-) 

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