17 January 2016

Positive Changes For 2016 & Beyond

After 3 years and 134 posts later, it has come to the time to press pause for a while on this blog as I am currently involved in many exciting projects. Fret not, this isn't the end - its closer to being the beginning... the beginning of many more exciting adventures!

Great food is still a love, passion and strong value of mine... now I just go about it in a slightly different way. 

I am spending more time focused on NLP coaching, helping individuals to create a loving relationship with both themselves and food. Helping them to create the changes inside out so that they can become the best example to their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your support along the way, this blog will still be up for reference so you'll continue to have access to the 134 posts and recipes of great food!

Phew! ;-)

If you'd like to keep in touch and discover more about my current projects and how you can benefit and improve your well being in profound ways check out my current website here

Best Wishes,


27 November 2015

Exchange Sugary Desserts For This & Notice What Changes...

Here is November's archive file! 

Mmm comfort food that is healthy, delicious and can even help to relax your little ones with no refined sugar rush...

Homemade Compote With Granola

21 October 2015

24 September 2015

Your Actions Count... What Action Will You Take?

Here is September's Archive Gem...

You have more influence than you think!


How are you helping to spread the word about enjoying Fruits and Vegetables to your children? Share your tips and comments below.

20 August 2015

How To Wean Your Kid's Off Junk Food...

Here is a BIG TOPIC for our archive gem feature this August! 

Junk food, and how to start weaning kids off the highly processed stuff. 

You can view the full post using the link below...


Do you have any tips that you find work well? Please share using the comment section below, I'd love to hear your tips.

7 June 2015

Going Green: Dairy Free Pesto Recipe

Pasta with Pesto is one of those classic combinations. Quick, simple and utterly gorgeous both in colour and taste. 

Here is a great dairy free recipe by Montse Bradford as we delve into the archives this June...

Also delicious as a dressing for salads, over fresh fish or even as a pizza sauce - perfect for the whole family and not just for those with dairy food intolerance's.


25 May 2015

Gluten, Egg & Lactose Free Pancakes With This One Simple Ingredient...

Here we are with another Archive Gem from this blog for you and your family to try! And whats even better this one is GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE, & LACTOSE FREE for those little ones with allergies as well as everyone else who wishes to enjoy some delicious, healthy pancakes!

Perfect for relaxed, family weekend breakfast or a dessert. Children will love to create their own toppings. Anything from fresh fruit, rice syrup, lemon and cinnamon, banana and melted carob, cashew cream and  strawberries...or perhaps some savoury avocado and salmon or scrambled tofu with sweetcorn.

100% Wholegrain & 100% Delicious 

What toppings will you and your family choose?

Fruity Pancake Recipe

15 April 2015

When Children Try New Foods...Top Tips!

Welcome to spring! :-) 

How I love this time of year, the sense of awakening, opening, freshness and colour that starts to creep out across the land. And not forgetting the wonderful warm sunshine! 

Talking about 'opening up to new things', I thought this would be perfect for another of our archive gems to get you excited! 

This Month we are looking at 6 Tips that can help children open up to trying fruits and vegetables

Have meal times become a battle zone trying to get your children to eat their greens? 

Do you struggle introducing new foods to them, only to have them demand chips and ketchup instead?

Wouldn't it be great to eliminate these struggles once and for all? Notice how great that would feel!

Click here to find out what the 6 Tips are...


And I invite you too, to post in the messages below what tips do you find work for your and your children? 

18 March 2015

Green Loveliness

Happy 3 year anniversary everyone! 

Wow how time flies! 

Continuing with our Archive Gems, here is another gorgeous recipe by Montse Bradford...a wonderfully creamy, delicious avocado pate packed with monounsaturated fats that help with healthy development in children.

Avocado Pate by Montse Bradford

Perfect with vegetable sticks and delicious with pan fried asparagus, beetroot or as a dressing for salads, fish etc when diluted with a small amount of water.
  • Remove the skin and stones from 2 large ripe avocados and blend with 1tsp of Umeboshi Paste (see below recipes for information) and 1 tbsp of White Miso (see below recipes for information), 1tbsp of cold pressed olive oil and the juice of half a lemon.

9 February 2015

Power of Words

For February's archive gem here we discover the power of language and how that can have a huge impact on children's diet...take a look at the top tips here and notice what changes when you apply the tips!

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

21 January 2015

Most Popular Post To Date? Here it is...

This year I will be delving into the archives, pulling out a few gems from this blog and discovering what we have covered so far. 

It has been a wonderful journey creating this blog and since May 2010 when I started this project. We have touched on many different topics that can help children enjoy fruit and vegetables. 

So this month we start with the most viewed post of all time from this blog (at the time of writing this!) with over 870 people around the world learning how to include vegetables in Children's lunch boxes in a fun and appealing way.


31 December 2014

Alfalfa Experiment: Marvelling The Difference

First of all Happy New Year! May 2015 be the best year yet for you and your family!

Secondly, following on from last months post, here is a little experiment I carried out a few years ago showing the power of intention, love and energy on food that we grow. Such a simple experiment which can be great for children to get involved in. This idea has also been used with cooked white rice - you can see many results on google here

In 2011, I carried out this experiment 3 times, and each time resulting in the exact same results. I measured the exact quantity of alfalfa sprout seeds, and water each time using scales, the dishes were identical apart from a slight chip on one of the rims and the dishes were kept in the same place. The only thing that changed was that one of the dishes of seeds I sent Reiki to each day for 2-5 minutes. 

Can you guess which dish of seeds received the loving thoughts and energy? 

Though don't take my word for it...I encourage you to try this at home and discover as a family how positive thought and energy can have an effect on what we eat. You don't need to be a Reiki Practitioner...anyone can do this experiment.

You will need...

2 identical dishes
1 packet of alfalfa seeds
Kitchen scales

  • Step 1: Measure with the scales the same amount of seeds for each dish (enough seeds to loosely cover 50% of the dishes surface).
  • Step 2: Add the same amount of water to each dish so that the seeds are sitting in about 1-2mm of water. 
  • Step 3: Decide which dish is going to be the lucky receivers of some positive thoughts (make sure its the same dish for the whole of this experiment).
  • Step 4: Send the LOVE! You can write a positive phrase such as 'I LOVE YOU' or a word such as 'GRATITUDE' on the chosen dish and the opposite phrase or word for the other dish (see the link above for the rice experiment examples). Or you and your children can simply send the love, simply visualising loving energy going to that one chosen dish. This could be in the form of imagining light or pink loving hearts going to that dish...whatever symbolises love for you and your kids you can imagine that going to the chosen seeds. 
  • Step 5: Repeat step 4 for 2-5 minutes with the same chosen dish every day. Also add the same amount of measured water for both dishes every day until the seeds grow into 1-2 inch sprouts. And then marvel at the results! 

Its quite amazing to see what happens and children will love excitement and wonder of this exercise too. 

Happy Sprouting!

27 November 2014

Adding Whole Lotta' Love...

There is one hugely overlooked yet fundamental ingredient when preparing delicious and nutritious food for our family. 

We can buy the best ingredients, read the labels and be careful about what foods children consume...however our energy, our emotional well being and thoughts whilst we prepare these foods for others can have an affect.  

Children are very in tune with their surroundings...just as animals are too. I remember many times seeing my cat running around the house at full speed whenever we packed up to go on holiday...the change in energy, the excitement that we had internally was being reflected in his behaviour. Just as whenever if was someones birthday or somebody was upset...he would be sensitive to this a respond accordingly.

It has been well documented that babies can young children can pick up on distress from the parents...if we prepare meals with anger, hatred and stress...not only might we not be fully present to cook the meal with care and may burn something or leave out seasonings...we can also transfer that energy to the food. 

By cooking with LOVE and feeling gratitude for the wonderful meal ahead we can create a remarkable difference. Not only can the meal taste better, it can help to improve absorption and energy levels of those consuming it (provided their own thoughts and feelings as they eat don't counteract this). 

Yes we are what we eat...however this phrase can be understood at a much deeper level. As Quantum Physicists have proved over and over again for many years...everything is made of of energy, every cell, particle, atom, being, object, liquid, gas is all energy. And our thoughts, emotions and intention can have an affect. Just as Masaru Emoto has shown in his many water studies. 

Next month we will have the opportunity to carry out a few home experiments that children can get involved in...helping them to understand the importance of good food and also the positive influence we can have. 

In the meantime I invite you to bring in even more LOVE to the kitchen when you prepare meals...notice what happens and whether your children notice any difference. 

Enjoy! :-) 

14 October 2014

Art, Food & A Lot Of Fun...

Creative activities can be a great way to educate children about different topics. When using the topic of food it can also help bring awareness about all the different types of fruits and vegetables out there, helping to expand awareness whilst having great fun in the process. 

I came across these websites the other day and thought I would share the link here for everyone to enjoy - simple creative ideas that children can be involved with...and good fun for those creative loving adults too ;-) 

Feel free to share pictures of your families creations here!