15 April 2015

When Children Try New Foods...Top Tips!

Welcome to spring! :-) 

How I love this time of year, the sense of awakening, opening, freshness and colour that starts to creep out across the land. And not forgetting the wonderful warm sunshine! 

Talking about 'opening up to new things', I thought this would be perfect for another of our archive gems to get you excited! 

This Month we are looking at 6 Tips that can help children open up to trying fruits and vegetables

Have meal times become a battle zone trying to get your children to eat their greens? 

Do you struggle introducing new foods to them, only to have them demand chips and ketchup instead?

Wouldn't it be great to eliminate these struggles once and for all? Notice how great that would feel!

Click here to find out what the 6 Tips are...


And I invite you too, to post in the messages below what tips do you find work for your and your children? 

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