26 June 2013

Good Vibrations Barcelona

If you haven't done so already check out the previous posts with the Hug Game Explained video. Great fun! For more fun, positive ideas, videos, news and activities have a look on the Good Vibrations Barcelona page on facebook...

Peter Sharp has organised some wonderful events to spread happiness and love socially, experimenting with new ideas, concepts, seeing what really makes humans tick, and the noticing how even though we can be complex individuals, deep down many are are seeking a similar and very simple thing...to feel happy, loved and accepted.

Whilst food plays a very important role in children's health, thoughts, emotions, lifestyle etc also play huge part. All areas need to be acknowledged and balanced in order for them to be able to grow up feeling happy, confident and healthy.

Try the Hug Game today and notice what difference it makes to your children's attitude and behaviour.

What changes?

How do they respond differently towards you and others after the game?

Feedback is always welcomed, do leave your comments on this blog and let us know how your family respond!

Hug Game Explained Video

Hug Game

Ok so this is not really to do with fruit and vegetables however it fits in nicely with the bigger picture behind this blog, helping children to become the healthy and happy individuals they came here to be.

Spreading positivity and joy is always something of immense value, especially nowadays where there can be so much fear present. Children are no exception as many grow up surrounded by fear, lacking love and affection, and as adults, I believe it is our duty to encourage them to look for the positive things in life,  and experience the joy of connectingng with others in a positive way and this game works perfectly in doing so.

The idea is based on the famous rock, paper scissors game, however using hugs instead. Great video, great concept and works well for all ages. Below is a link for the video demonstration of the Hug Game by Peter Sharp and Matthew Watson Jones from Good Vibrations Barcelona (more information to follow).

Have a try with the family, notice how your children respond and most of all enjoy the positivity and feelings of love and connection that this game brings.

Happy hugging!

14 June 2013

Watch This Space!

I am currently working on some very exciting new projects for My Fruit And Vegetable Friends...one being some brand new videos for this blog!

More useful tips and ideas coming your way...

Watch this space!