17 December 2013

Spreading The Love This Christmas!

Christmas is a time for giving, receiving and playing games so why not tie it all in together and spread a little love this Christmas with the hug game! Something for all the family to enjoy.
Here are Good Vibrations Barcelona Matthew and Peter explaining the instructions...

Hug Game


Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, full of laughter, fun, and great memories to be treasured with the family!
What does Christmas mean to you and your family?
What message about Christmas are you giving to your children?
May this be a wonderful end to 2013 to pave the way for a fabulous year to come in 2014!
Happy Christmas everyone :-)

Brussels Sprouts

Love them or loathe them they are one of the most popular components to a British Christmas meal. Full of goodness, the green chlorophyll helps to cleanse the liver from all the over work during the festive season, rich in fibre and vitamins they are a wonderful addition to the meal.

Here are a few alternative ways to present or cook them for added interest for kids...

  • Line up onto a kebab stick for older children with homemade BBQ sauce (see previous posts for details).
  • Saute onions until soft and sweet and add halved Brussels Sprouts.
  • Brussels Sprouts sauteed with cooked peeled chestnuts.
  • Boiled 4 minutes and served with tangy orange dressing (orange zest and juice, tahini, white miso and apple juice concentrate).
Let us know how your kids respond!

Healthy Christmas Treats

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, celebrations with the family for whatever the season may mean to you, delicious food, snug evenings in around the fire place playing games as well as a little bit of magic for the little ones too.
Christmas can however cause a lot of unnecessary stress especially when doing the supermarket runs. We seem to be bombarded with junk food and sugary treats at every aisle, mainly aimed at children. Not only do these foods on a regular basis harm the health of growing children, they can also increase stress levels as the body fights the toxins, saturated fats and refined sugars.
This is not to say we cant enjoy some chocolate, sweets or other festive goodies out there. However just notice the wide range of variety of more wholesome brands available. If you are counting the pennies, wonderful homemade treats can be great fun to make involving the children too.
A few healthier Christmas snack options (some of which can also be used as stocking fillers)...
  • Tangerines, Satsumas, Mandarins...what a better way to bring in one of their 5 a day!
  • Homemade carob treats (simply melt a bar, mix with dried fruit and nuts and leave to cool before cutting into chunks). This can be wrapped in little bags as a tasty stocking filler.

  • The same mixture can be made with added orange rind and rolled into a ball shape when cool enough to handle. Wrap in foil and add to stockings as a tasty chocolate snowball.
  • Use the previous carob mixture and mix with a little desiccated coconut, rolling into small truffle shape balls and coating with more coconut. Mini snowballs!
  • Check out your local health food shop for tasty sweets free from sugar, gelatin, artificial colours and preservatives...and yes they taste great!
  • Melt a carob bar into a lovely rich thick sauce and allow kids to dip their tangerine segments  or nuts into the sauce.
  • Dried fruit and nuts in mini bags.
  • Mini packets of raisins.
  • Fruit leathers, fruit snack bars.
  • Homemade popcorn with a few drops of umeboshi seasoning...kids will love this!
  • Vegetable sticks and tortilla chips with dips (avocado, hummus, beetroot...)
  • Kids non alcoholic mulled wine: red grape juice, orange juice and a few mulled wine spices.
  • Roasted chestnuts in the oven.
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • Sweet potato and apple cake. The touch of cinnamon makes this cake a perfect festive treat.