As the saying goes...children are our future.

They are such bright, intelligent beings starting out a new life, on this at times, a demanding and confusing planet. Therefore I believe excellent health is essential for all.

I started this blog for a place to share ideas, tips etc to help us to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables. To do so in a fun way but also not forgetting to explain to children why fruit and vegetables are so important. They are a lot smarter and open to learning about health than we give them credit for sometimes.

If you have any tips or ideas that you wish to share please join in the fun…

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Emma Bradford

Disclaimer: This blog contains thoughts and opinions expressed by myself, other individuals along with links to other websites. Please use your own discernment related to all material and always seek advice from a health care professional.


  1. Emma, soy Àlex, hijo de Anna Linde, me a encantado tu blog, es genial, las bolitas de algarroba, coco y datiles estaban deliciosas!!! Haber si pones algo en español para que los españoles tambien podamos leer tu maravilloso blog.
    Àlex Prados

    1. ¡Gracias Alex! Estoy muy feliz que te gusta el blog y espero que en el futuro voy a tener algo en español tambien. Mientras tanto hay recetas en español en el sitio de web de Montse Bradford www.montsebradford.es

      Que tengas un buen semana :)