28 March 2013

A Different Approach

As you may already know, one of my other passions is NLP. During the week I coach people to realise their goals, help to remove limiting beliefs so they can begin achieving the life they have always dreamt of.

So how does this fit in with My Fruit And Vegetable Friends?

Over the month of April I will be posting tips and ideas on how to improve children's diets through the use of language, NLP skills and other valuable tips that I have picked up along the way.

So watch this space!

27 March 2013

Simply Delicious!

Last weekend saw another great seminar at 'La Escuela de Alimentacion Natural y Energetica' in Barcelona. Here is a great recipe idea by David Marcos, one of the Teacher Training students.

Simply core, peel and half some apples and cook by pan frying or steaming. Mix carob sauce with raisins and chopped nuts and place in the centre of each apple half. Decorate with an agar agar glaze, chopped nuts and strawberries.


10 March 2013

Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Jamie Oliver! He has been such a great inspiration to many people around the world, campaigning for better education about food and improving school meals around the world.

Another great Ted Talk, well worth watching!

However you needn't be a public figure to make a difference, this change is down to everyone. We can all help, we can all make a difference no matter how big or small. Even a small change such as changing that chocolate bar in your children's packed lunches a few days a week for some dried fruit or fresh fruit slices will start to get the ball rolling...

Notice how great it will be to see children grow up to be strong, healthy and happy!

Ida Frosk

Some of you may already be aware of the talented, quirky food artist from Norway - Ida Frosk. If you haven't checked out her stuff you can do so through this link Ida Frosk.

I first came across her work through Instagram and absolutely love it! Goes to show that food doesn't need to be dull and boring, it can be fun, inspiring and creative!

Perfect for getting children involved with fruits and vegetables...


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Happy following!

9 March 2013

Pasta and Pesto

Great new pesto recipe now added to the recipe section of this blog...easy to make and completely vegan so perfect for any little ones that are intolerant of lactose.


Children LOVE pasta and whilst emphasis on whole grains is preferable for daily, long lasting energy and to strengthen the nervous system, pasta can also be a great way to integrate vegetables. Try using wholemeal pasta for a healthier alternative.

You can add vegetables to pasta in the following ways...

  • STIR FRIED: Stir fried vegetables mixed with noodles or pasta work well. Try adding a few walnut chunks for older children -added nourishment! 
  • PASTA AND PESTO: Delicious pesto recipe coming soon!
  • PASTA BAKE: Saute some onions, grated carrot, mushrooms and herbs with some tuna/smoked tofu/lentils or chopped seitan. You can add some cauliflower bechamel sauce on top with some almond powder and bake until golden.
  • LASAGNE: Same recipe as above but using lasagne pasta sheets and you can always add a little beetroot sauce to the mix too - see Recipe section of blog for sauce recipe.
  • PASTA SALAD: Add chopped lightly boiled vegetables such as diced carrots, courgettes, sweetcorn, and cherry tomatoes. You can always add some chunks of smoked tofu, pitted olives, fresh herbs etc.
  • NOODLES AND BROTH: This is great for older children and teenagers - a simple nourishing broth can made adding a strip of Kombu sea vegetable to boiling water, sliced onions and carrots, soya sauce and apple juice concentrate to season, a slice of fresh ginger and even a few leaves of coriander or chopped spring onion before serving. Smoked tofu chunks or prawns work well with this.
  • BEETROOT PASTA SAUCE: (See Recipe section of blog) Contains plenty of vegetables and you can always add some chunks of courgettes and mushrooms to add more vegetables.
  • PASTA IN SOUP: Pasta shapes such as shells, letters, stars etc are great for adding to vegetable soups. They add interest, fun and help children to eat the veggies! See the Recipe section of this blog for details on ABC vegetable soup.