25 May 2015

Gluten, Egg & Lactose Free Pancakes With This One Simple Ingredient...

Here we are with another Archive Gem from this blog for you and your family to try! And whats even better this one is GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE, & LACTOSE FREE for those little ones with allergies as well as everyone else who wishes to enjoy some delicious, healthy pancakes!

Perfect for relaxed, family weekend breakfast or a dessert. Children will love to create their own toppings. Anything from fresh fruit, rice syrup, lemon and cinnamon, banana and melted carob, cashew cream and  strawberries...or perhaps some savoury avocado and salmon or scrambled tofu with sweetcorn.

100% Wholegrain & 100% Delicious 

What toppings will you and your family choose?

Fruity Pancake Recipe

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