11 September 2012

Lets Get Things Started!

Some days, whilst out and about I am shocked by the quality of food given to children. It is something, when I see a 2 year old being fed crisps and cola for breakfast on the bus, that makes me even more determined to promote healthy eating for children.

I believe it is sooo important as they are growing, developing their brains, studying at school, learning about life and with all this going on they need as much strength and vitality as they can get. And we, as adults are the ones who are here to set an example and teach why eating well is so important. We need to set an example, there is no way we can improve our childrens diets if we eat junk food all day ourselves.

So as with anything, we all have a choice. However just consider this for a moment...our actions can affect others and everyone has the power (no matter how big or small the actions you take are) to make a positive difference.

If you have any comments, tips and ideas please feel free to post them on this blog.

Lets join together and get things started!

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